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This is a brief and almost certainly incomplete list of things that should be done, both simply for documentation and code of the product.

  • There is documentation about how to use the .NET Client and XmlSerializerReplacementHandler, but there is not much documentation about how they work internally.
  • Generic Sections documentation is missing
  • Create a packaged release
  • Document Performance Counters
  • MySpace library documentation
    • This is not necessary for running the server, but there's a lot of code here and at least some basic descriptions would be nice!
    • Logging
    • ResourcePool
    • Shared

In the Code:
  • There are too many classes and methods that are public that do not need to be.
  • The VipHelper should be turned into a general purpose Web Service helper, and environment definitions should be updated accordingly.
  • The key provider should likely be changed to like the section provider, and be scanned for rather than configured
  • The way slow rolls are defined and processed by the system is somewhat awkward, and should be refactored.
    • It also looks like it might just be buggy, both in how it is checked whether a server has already been served the new config and how the random check is run
    • slowroll is not defined in the XSD for sectionmapping

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